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Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Down time...driving, cleaning the house, folding laundry, kids in bed, hubby is at work... I'll pop on a podcast. I love listening to podcasts because I love learning and I am a firm believer that knowledge is power. The more you know in what you're passionate about, the more successful you will be in your life. I find listening to podcasts really gets me pumped up and motivated to strive for my goals. These podcasts are produced by very knowledgable people. The ones I listen to range from the agriculture industry, horse training, business advice and motivational talks. I find each of these entertaining and helpful to apply to my daily life on the ranch.

Here is my Top 10 list that I can't get enough of!

1.) The Working Ranch Radio Show

This podcast is put on by Working Ranch Magazine and the hosts, PRCA Rodeo Announcer and cattleman Jeff "Tigger" Erhardt and Editor/Publisher "The Cap’n" Tim O’Byrne are a total hoot. They tell stories of the people who serve the industry while also diving into hot topics relating to cattle. They provide cattle market news, health management, new techniques, history, breeds, events and sooo much more! I find this radio show super informative and entertaining. Plus I like the auctioneer vibes.

2.) The Ranching Brunette

Hosted by Loagan Robinson, first generation cattle rancher located in Montana. Her whole stance on her podcast is to get America ranching again by connecting with other first and multi-generation ranchers who are striving to reach their desires in the industry. I love this podcast for several reasons. First, Loagan's story is so spot on when it comes to trying to get into the business. I'm not a first generation cattle producer, but often times I feel like I am because this industry is constantly changing and progressing. It's hard to get into the ranch world if you weren't born into it. She does a great job keeping the episodes educational, inspirational and motivating. She has a few episodes that is her alone and she has great insight on how she got started in her operation and what keeps her going. Secondly, she interviews other talented and lady ranchers on how the run their operations. Each woman has great input on how they make their businesses function while also balancing family, second jobs, finances, faith and more. Definitely a great one if you're looking for some advice from amazing ladies.

3.) The Rural Woman Podcast: Katelyn Duban

This podcast is very broad in the agricultural world. It varies between homesteading, ranching, farming, and more. Katelyn does an amazing job getting interviews with hard working ladies in the industry. Katelyn has a super cute Canadian accent that is fun to listen too as well. (I love accents..) This is a good one if your want to hear about successful farmers and ranchers in the industry and if you want to dig deeper into agriculture.

4.) Women of the West: Leah Lowe

This podcast is fun because it has many aspects that relate to women living the "cowgirl" life in the American West. Leah tells stories, cowgirl poetry, art, interviews inspirational ladies and ties it all into preserving the western lifestyle.

5.) Ride On: Julie Goodnight

I love Julie Goodnight's horse training philosophies. This podcast came to me when I was struggling with our new ranch horse who started showing some behavioral problems. I found Julie's podcast to make 100% sense to me and I take everything she offers to the pasture with my horse. She has many, many years of expertise and experience in horses and she is definitely someone I would keep in mind when dealing with horse problems and training. If you're in need of horse training or horse behavior advice, give this podcast a listen!

6.) Deep Thoughts: Fallon Taylor

Fallon's "Monday Motivation" is the perfect pick-me-up and a great way to start your week. She always digs into great topics that we all struggle with and offers her insight, experience and advice on it. Fallon is a professional barrel racer, fashion icon and role model for cowgirls. Usually her podcasts are quick, so it is a nice little "go you!" to get your week started on the right foot.

7.) Goal Digger: Jenna Kutcher

If your a business owner/entrepreneur or plan to be, this is a great podcast to subscribe to. Jenna is a total business guru and girl boss when it comes to running your own show. She has awesome points that hit the spot when it comes to running a business, marketing strategies, branding and inspiration. I always learn something that I can take into my own business endeavors from her show.

8.) Cattlemen's Call: NCBA, Lane Nordlund

The NCBA produces this podcast and it focuses on the beef industry. Lane Nordlund speaks with ranchers, beef advocates, politicians and people in the beef business. He focuses on telling the stories of cattle ranchers, family life, cattle news and what is going on around the nation regarding beef.

9.) Midwest Farm Wives: Whitney and Kylie

These two women are farm wives, mommies and believe in supporting one another through the agricultural industry. I love each of their episodes. It ranges from their travels, farm survival approaches, business, emotions and more. I like this because they are millennial farm wives and are very knowledgable and good with their words. They have deep topics that many ranch/farm wives struggle with and give great advice to push through. It is nice to hear what other women are dealing with and to know it is okay to feel the way we do.. Because ultimately, we really care about family and the agricultural world.

10.) We Drink and We Farm Things

**This is a new addition!** I'm adding this on because it popped up on another podcast interview I was listening to and I had to give it a listen. First of all, the title sounds way to fun. Once I dove in, I found myself giggling which is just what I needed at the time. Ranching and farming can be so serious, tense and stressful. These ladies do a great job finding fun topics and interviews while having a drink and letting loose. It's a good one! Plus, lots of awesome information to take in.

So, I encourage you to listen to one or all of these podcasts if you're a ranch/farm wife, first or multi-generation rancher/farmer looking for more information, you're bored and you happen to like cows, or if you fantasize about being in a Wild Western movie starring as John Wayne's trusty side kick.... Whatever you're reason is, it's worth a listen!

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