No Fake Friends

The agricultural community is small. Very small. So small, that only 2% of people in the United States are working super hard to provide food on your table. Beef, pork, avocados, apples, corn, grapes and sooo much more. That leaves 98% of the nation who have no clue about what is going on in the agriculture industry. That same 98% of people have never been exposed or brought up in this wonderful and inspirational environment. in all honesty, they are totally missing out on a vital way of life that is dying. That leaves 2% of the nation to preserve, educate and protect the industry that is just as good as gold to the world.

There is a huge disconnect when it comes to farmers and ranchers in the food industry. Consumers want wholesome, safe and nutritional food that fuels them. Truth is, some of the people fear the food that is on the shelves at the super market. People of our nation need to know that meat proteins that are produced in the US are the most nutritional, safe and wholesome product that you can find in the WORLD.

The real deal, ranch-raised beef.

Heard about the Impossible Burger? Beyond Burger? Meatless Mondays? Plant based protein craze? It makes me SO SAD that people fear meat. Consumers are going to buy fake meat, eat vegan or vegetarian because of ideas that have been imbedded in their heads that are simply incorrect. I believe 100% that consumers should have the choice to eat however they want if they find themselves feeling happy and healthy. Vegan to Paleo. Vegetarian to carnivore. However, when the choice is based off of misinformation that has been provided by animal rights activists, politicians, and celebrities... that, is what makes my left eye twitch.

The misleading labels that are associated with "fake meat" and where it is located at the grocery store struck a nerve in me recently. They other day, I was shopping at the meat counter and came across the popular plant based protein sitting right next the the real deal, beef. The general public shopping at the meat counter probably wouldn't have all the thoughts spinning around in their heads like a beef/cow nerd would (me...). However, with the plant based craze going on, I bet some people chose plant over beef based off of advertising, creative names and the "it's healthier" vibes. WHY?

This is a photo I took of two different plant based products next to ground beef.

On October 28th, the Real MEAT (Marketing Edible Artificials Truthfully) Act of 2019 was introduced by U.S. Reps. Roger Marshall (R - 1st Dist., Kansas) and Anthony Brindisi (D - 21st Dist., N.Y.). The idea behind this proposal is to ensure consumers are not being mislead into purchasing an imitation protein product. The FDA will have to notify USDA if an imitation meat product is labeled in a misleading way. People of America should not have to question the protein they are buying. Americans need to feel confident and whole when they make their grocery store purchases. This Act will help ensure that deceitful labeling and untruthful marketing will be stopped once and for all.

Jennifer Houston, President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association said, “A growing number of fake meat products are clearly trying to mislead consumers about what they’re trying to get them to buy. Consumers need to be protected from deceptive marketing practices, and cattle producers need to be able to compete on a fair, level playing field. We want to thank Congressmen Brindisi and Marshall for leading the way on this very important issue.”

People of the beef and cattle industry to take the spotlight and educate the public. We need to have a conversation with consumers in a calm, kind and informative matter. A good attitude with the right information will change minds and allow agriculture to thrive. It is essential for rural America to come out of the shadows, and speak up for ourselves before we drown in the conspiracies of the food industry.

I am hoping the Real MEAT Act will help consumers feel safe and transparent when making their purchases at the grocery store. That is what we all want and deserve.

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