Cauzza Cattle Co Video 2011

Cheeeese! Sorry calf.

Wow. I remembered this video I made back in 2011. It was a project for a business class in college. The purpose of this little assignment was to improve a business using new and improved tools and ideas. So, my goal was to certify my dad's beef to organic at the time. That is a tough process, especially back then. I made all the phone calls and research to make it happen. At the time, it seemed impossible. Now, things are slightly easier since organic and humanely treated meat animals are in demand.

I chucked while this because it is a little awkward at some moments, but it is also me to the "T" today. I'm determined to better the beef community and consumers through my own family business (that isn't quite real yet but I'm a dreamer and making it happen slowly!)

I don't know why this cow stuff gets me fired up, but it does. Maybe it runs through my veins, since I'm a fourth generation cattle producer. Maybe I'm crazy. Cow crazy. However, I hope I am able to make some of these dreams come to life. Wish me luck! I don't know where this train is taking me, but adios!

Check out the video by clicking here--> Cauzza Cattle Co Video 2011

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