A Ranch Wife's Thoughts on COVID-19

I haven't wrote in a while. A lot has been going on in my life as well as the world, obviously.. We are battling a pandemic that not only is affecting the health of the world, but the entire economy.

COVID-19. AKA the Corona Virus has taken headlines world wide and is all everyone is talking about. Citizens are panic shopping for their families to ensure they can make it through a few weeks self-quarantined at home. Schools and colleges are completely closed down and word is that they will re-open this upcoming fall. Only "essential" businesses remain open for the public to ensure that safety and health and nourishment are available. The military, police, hospital staff and firefighters remain on duty to help those in need. I told Bryce that it's like we are in a dramatic movie.. Literally, the streets are empty, businesses have closed doors, people who are in public are wearing masks and gloves, fear in their eyes are in plain sight.. What in the world is going on? Is this a dream?

Luckily, my husband and I work in the "essential job" fields and I am so grateful for that. Not only do we work in healthcare (human and animal), but we also operate a small beef business.

As we have seen the past week, meat has been a hot item and has flown off the shelves. I personally went into the grocery store the other day to grab a few necessary items for the lock-down, and noticed most meat was GONE. I also noticed that there were plenty of "fake-meat" products left untouched, (Beyond Burger, vegan patties, and plant based protein) on the shelves. I laughed to myself as I walked by. Looks like we don't have to worry that much about fake meat, rural America haha! Beef, pork, and chicken is still very much in business! Also, I've seen a funny meme floating around Facebook and Instagram stories... See my version below!

All jokes aside, there is a little glimpse of sunshine within the dark storm cloud. The nation has finally realized how important ranchers and farmers are to this beautiful country. The hard working people who contribute to our food supply have gotten a bad reputation for being a part of global warming, concerns for animal welfare, environmental worries and so much more. Blame has been shot at us over and over again and we keep standing with our bullet proof vests on. After all the backlash, we are still here supporting you and your family. Today it matters. Tomorrow even more. Businesses have shut down, but it's another regular day for a rancher or farmer. We must tend to the livestock, groom our crops, and preserve the land.. Even in a pandemic. If we don't, we ALL will starve.

It truly breaks my heart to see small businesses suffer through this crisis. In times like this, we need to lift each other by supporting one another. Buy from your friend who sells Mary Kay, get a gift card from a friend of a friend who owns a local restaurant, or swing by your neighbor's house who sells home made baked goods.. Lend a helping hand in any way you are able to. Whatever it may be, try to support as best as you can. The important entity to support is your local farmers and ranchers who work hard every day to serve you, your family and their families too. No matter what, these American producers have to get up and grind to feed the world with the finest grown products known to man, even with a virus on the loose.

Many agricultural businesses who sell food can sell online. These businesses can ship direct to your doorstep so you can enjoy beef, pork, chicken, lamb, breads, cheeses and so much more from a hard working producer. Check out this list of wonderful ranchers and farmers who can supply your family's needs.

Diamond B Ranch-Poultry, Beef, Eggs local to San Diego~https://www.diamondb.org/

Carrisito Ranch-Beef~https://www.carrisitoranch.org/

Callison Ranch Beef- Beef~https://www.callisonranchbeef.com/

The Beef Boutique-Beef and cute online boutique~https://www.thebeefboutiqueca.com/

Five Mary's Farms- Beef, Lamb, Pork~http://www.fivemarysfarms.com/

Eagle Rock Ranch- Beef~https://www.eaglerockbeef.com/

Lick Creek Meats-Beef and Pork~ http://lickcreekmeats.com/

Mesa Beef- Beef~https://mesabeef.com/

Ranch Wives Beef Co- Beef~ https://www.ranchwivesbeefco.com/

Skyline Beef- Beef~https://www.skylinebeef.com/

Bootheel 7 Ranch-Beef~https://www.bootheel7ranch.com/

Bluegrass Beef- Beef~ https://bluegrassbeefky.com/

Sunset View Creamery-Cheese~sunsetviewcreamery.com

If you find yourself needed protein or other high quality products, visit the links above or check out what you have locally available to you. It is absolutely imperative to shop small and appreciate agriculture more than ever.

If you are out and about, please make sure you are only getting what you NEED and leave the rest to everyone else. Be kind and courteous. Be respectful and thankful. Help the elderly and more vulnerable people around you. Remember, if you are out and about, you are risking the health and lives of your loved ones around you. Be aware of the guidelines the CDC has in place. See the Center for Disease Control website for for information: https://www.cdc.gov

This is a historical event we are in the middle of and we can get through this if we metaphorically hold each other up (remember, the 6 foot social distancing rule....) and support one another.

Stay safe everyone. Oh, and wash your hands!


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