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We are the Fender Family. We raise Angus cross beef cattle in the mountains of San Diego County. We take pride in our family history and continuing the ranching heritage and lifestyle. 

Our beef thrives on the ranch from birth to harvest. They spend their entire lives under beautiful blue skies and lush green pastures. It is our goal to provide well cared for sustainable beef for the locals of San Diego. 

At the ranch, we grow and harvest barley annually. The barley is either malted for brewing beer locally, or fed to our finishing steers. As well, we collect and feed left over apple peels and cores from local pie companies that would otherwise be thrown away. We also implement a finishing grains like cracked corn into the last month prior to harvest. We know that feeding our cattle this way provides amazing marbling and tenderization that we crave in our beef! 


Our goal is to have our ranch work sustainably and synergistically. We know that feeding our steers with this method not only helps the reduce waste, but also produces quality beef for you and your family.

Our Story

Bryce and I met in high school back in 2005. I was an incoming Freshman and met Bryce and the "Welcome Freshman Dance." He was a Sophomore heading into his Junior year and we started dating the summer before I got into high school. 

Bryce and I always loved spending time in the outdoors. We were happy hunting, hiking and checking cows together. I come from a multi-generation cattle ranching family and Bryce didn't. Luckily, he had the same passion for the ranch lifestyle as I did. 

In the summer of 2014, we both graduated college in San Diego and got married. My dad gifted us with 10 head of heifers to start our on herd and legacy. We didn't really have a clue what we wanted to do with our heifers, other than make sure they were happy and healthy.


We came up with the "Flyin' F" as we doodled for weeks on a pad and paper to create our brand to mark our cattle. It is a spin on my grandpa's brand that is still a part of the ranch today.

Bryce and I have two little cowboys who love dirt, cows and puppies. I am so thankful to raise our children on the same ground I grew up on to recreate new memories and continue our story. 

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